What we do

Resource mobilization to promote education: We can describe what are you doing back home in SS and here in Australia to mobilize resoures. Any photographs, success stories of such campaigns will be of great help. We also need to describe how the resources mobilized were put to use.

Awareness generation: Try to find out if we have something to write in this section. It could be anything, including community meetings, engagement with out of school children and youth, interactions with working women/parents/teachers, etc.

Promotion of girl education: This is an important tab. What we can write here is what special efforts are you making to link more girls with education. Any documented impact would be excellebnt.

Working with governments…..: Give details of your recent engagements with government/ community leaders/ bureaucracy back home. Describe how these engagements are helping SSCFE realizing its vision.

Bringing the issue to national and international forums: Your engagement with DAA and other donors. Details of your sharing the South Sudan situation and experiences at a larger platform provided by DAA or some other organization.