Board members

Mr Malual Deng, Chair

Phone: 0478804776

Malual Deng was in Pannyok Twic of South Sudan.  Separated from family when north Sudan attacked Pannyok village age of nine. Education was interrupted and I run away for safety to the North Sudan. The Christian organizations supported our education in refugee camp and I used to help other children. However, when Sudanese regime saw refugee children progress. They decided to force us to the military compulsory and I was the youngest person in the group. It was unforgettable experience and I escape after difficulties. My age was make up by Sudanese regime. That was not only Sudanese government doing that alone but also Sudanese People Liberation Army (SPLA) were recruiting young children like me as well.  I would love to use my experience to help other young South Sudanese who cannot support themselves.  And I migrated to Australia in 2004 and   I Work with Migrant Resources Centre in Sydney New south Wales. Also, work as a Security guards in Sydney CBD.

 Education background  Bachelor of International Community development in Victoria University of Melbourne.  Diploma of Counselling.

Chair of Pannyok Community in Victoria and  CEO of SSCFE) and  a father of four children. In addition, I initiated peace initiative supported by Victoria University Melbourne Australia.  Through dialogue theatre partnership with free Theatre Australia company. My acting name in Dialogue Theatre Chol and Tong as well.  Play role of community security patrol and community elder. You can see South Sudan Voice project activities.




Miss Achol Mangok


My name is Achol Mangok, I am a young women from South Sudan. I was born on the14th of July 1995 in a small county in Wau South Sudan and raised in Kakuma refugee camp. I arrived in Australia in October 2004, upon my arrival in Australia I went to primary school for the very first time. Eight years after my arrival I graduated year twelve at Victoria University Secondary College then went on to pursue a career in nursing. Now I complete a bachelor of nursing at Australian Catholic University. And I would love to help many South Sudanese women who really need our support. I understand how difficult to many mothers who cannot afford to go to clinics. I lost my mum in Kakuma refugee camp in Kenya for lack of medical care but now I can help other women who need my help. Currently I work in a nursing home and I love working with people.    

I’m Akol, currently the treasury of SSFE. I have been in the position for about 3 years. Graduate in accounting degree in 2019. Currently working at Commonwealth Bank of Australia as a customer service. Came to Australia in 2010 as a refugee.  


I am Akol, currently the treasury of SSFE. I have been in the position for about 3 years. Graduate in accounting degree in 2019. Currently working at Commonwealth Bank of Australia as a customer service. Came to Australia in 2010 as a refugee. 



Mr Deng Deng

 Information secretary

I was born on 14 February 1997 originate from South Sudan, grew up in Uganda moved to Australia when at the age of 10 diploma of information and youth work in south Train smart Australia and VU. Because I want to be able to help refugees in Australia and the young youth who need help, also running mental health project in south Sudanese community for young people and parents who are going through challenges and hard time in Australia work SSAYU South Sudanese Australians Youth United. Worked and helped youths since 2018, and works on mental health with Mental Health First. Also playing state basketball for Merton and model for Australia top model. Hope to inspire the young youth to do great and chase their dreams. My twin brother and I we were choose to represent Australia in international modeling in London May this year. However, COVID19 has turned everything always but we both love community work.   

Mr Garang Deng

Deputy Treasurer of SSCFE

I came to Australia in 2011 as a child but Australia gave me an opportunity to complete my high school. However, in South Sudan many children never have an opportunity to go school or any better training like us here.

Currently, studying business / Accounting at the Melbourne University.

 Member of Hope refugees in action and the main role is public relations. Three years experiences and interested working with communities. Understand a teamwork and leadership roles. My goal is to help people who cannot help themselves in community and together we can make a change. 

 My identical twins brother we often love to involve in community activities.  We always confuse people even my own family. I was recently pick to go and represent Australia in London modelling competition but twin brother could not make it.