Board members

Mr Malual Deng

Director of South Sudan Child First Education(SSCFE)

The Bachelor of International Community Development in Victoria University, Melbourne Australia. Advocate for Peace and harmony among South Sudanese community in Diaspora.Building relationship between South Sudanese and non-south Sudan in Australia.Chairman of Pannyok Community For development  and manager of South Sudan Voice project, partnership with free Theatre Dialogue supported by Victoria University. Actor in Theatre Dialogue and playing role of community security patrol and works as security guards.


Mobile: 0478804776

Dr Siew Fang Law

The Senior Lecturer and Academic Course Chair of International Community Development at Victoria University.  Dr. Siew Fang’s promote human right, peace building and conflict resolutions. Also, specialised in peace psychology and community development.

Siew Fang Law, PhD Victoria University & Professor Extraordinarius, University of South Africa



Rosemary Breit

Organisation Adviser

Santino Atem Deng

PhD, Victoria University, Melbourne Master of Education in Counselling, The University of Auckland, New Zealand Bachelor of Arts in Education, Massey University, New Zealand .Dr. Santino Atem Deng is an experienced counsellor, educator/trainer and researcher with over 15 years of work in education, mental health, family and parenting, and relationship counselling. His PhD was in the areas of psychology, education, sociology and migration studies in which he investigated changes within South Sudanese family dynamics and parenting practices in Australia. Dr. Deng’s PhD examined recent transitions in South Sudanese-Australian parenting practices from the perspectives of both parents and youth. His studies draw on nuanced cultural understandings and contexts to explore various challenges and transitions in parenting after resettling in Australia. The finding provides new insights into South Sudanese parenting experiences that help communities, policymakers and service providers offer improved family support. Dr. Deng also has published widely on family and parenting areas and presented papers at numerous international conferences. He has held many community leadership roles, managed community programs (e.g. Positive Parenting) and has worked in various Government Departments (Health, Education) and other non-Governmental agencies in New Zealand (NZ) and Australia. Dr. Deng’s current work includes research component and work as a senior counsellor with a professional counselling organisation in Melbourne, and he has extensive experiences of working across different cultures



Dr Charles Mphande

Senior Lecturer & Program Coordinator

International & Community Development College of Arts & Education Victoria University