Our Vision

South Sudan Child First Education strives to promote education (including vocational training) within a framework of humanitarian work  in South Sudan to achieve peace and a brighter future for the young generation


Create an enabling environment for education of children and youth in the community, providing necessary resources and infrastructure.

2. Promote literacy among  all South Sudanese communities, with focus on youth in general, girls and women, in particular.

3. Build capapbilities among communities   enabling them to  access knowledge, and participate in the life of their community and the decisions that affect their lives.

Support us

To  support this mission, volunteers are required to realise this mission.  In fact we need also  monetary assistance to enable us to run education and literacy programmes. Any donations towards this caus will be  acknowledged and accounted for. Donors will be able to track their donations. Here is what support may look like. A child will be fed breafast for the whole school year on $24 , and will be able to be in clss with a teacher who could be suported with $600 per annum.  Donations may also be targetted; the donor can choose their preferred area of support, eg. student feeding, student resources and teacher resources.